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This gets you buffet lunch at the venue both days.

Friday Lunch:
A Visit to India LUNCH BUFFET
Naan Bread
Fresh garden greens with herb vinaigrette
Roasted cauliflour salad (GF, DF)
Vegetarian samosa with mango chutney (G, D)
Butter Chicken (GF, D)
Chick pea curry (GF, DF, V)
Steamed jasmine rice (GF, DF)
Sliced seasonal fruit (GF, DF, V)

Saturday Lunch:
A visit to Asia LUNCH BUFFET
Miso soup, tofu & scallions (GF, DF, V)
Fresh garden greens with Asian dressing (G)
Asian slaw with Napa cabbage, daikon radish & carrots (G, D)
Baked Snapper with Tom Yum sauce (GF, DF)
Vegetarian spring rolls with sweet plum sauce (G)
Vegetable chow mein (G, D)
Scented steamed jasmine rice (GF, D)
Matcha cake (G, D)

This is a very good deal and we’ll be ordering some to have at the door at $25/day but will be highly limited, better to get yours now!


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