Warhammer 40,000 Rules and Schedule

Remember list submission deadline is April 14th, one week prior to event. Any late lists will receive a yellow card.  Links to upload the lists will be coming out by April 9th. If you haven’t received one by then email Dan at veskit@gmail.com and he’ll get you sorted.

Any specialist detachments are required to be listed on your army roster. For list submission purposes, any stratagem that changes a model/units abilities is required to be on the roster. Examples include the Vigilus Field Commander stratagem, Space Marine Chapter Master Stratagem, Blood Angel Deathvisions of Sanguinius, Dark Eldar Alliance of Agony etc. Relics, specific Warlord Traits (including any gained pregame), and Psychic Powers and other pre-deployment stratagems are not required to be on the roster, as they may be chosen prior to deployment as per Step one of the Pre Game instructions in the ITC 8th edition Missions document.For example; You would have to list the Alliance of Agony stratagem on your roster and the character(s) it affects, however not the actual warlord trait. This is probably the only odd one, every other one I can think of is fairly clear

ITC code of conduct (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RFhFICnwr15wK0pdUcUnp0uNRn_-jUdtZvHKPTTR4Yo/edit) and list submission format will be in use (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=-FBscSISaZE), as well as rules on chess clocks(https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByVzaY23LOX-dGUzQ3YxSG1xX3FTdy1VdXNHQXlEVkJJdEQw/view?usp=sharing). 

Any FAQs will be in effect up to and including the Friday prior to the event. However Errata, i.e. rule changes, and points adjustments will be cut off at April 14th, list submission.

Some common questions and how we are ruling them:

  • Obliterators use the datasheet from Shadowspear, and their updated point cost (115 points)
  • GSC may not deepstrike on turn 1.
  • A Bad Moon Shokk attack Gun in a dread waaagh detachment may fire twice using the vigilus stratagem OR the bad moon stratagem to fire twice. They may not use both to fire more than twice.
  • If you are bringing custom converted army/units you must CLEARLY MARK on your army roster which units are stand ins for each unit. A written description is acceptable, a visual (pictoral) description is better.

This is an ITC event, as such all relevant army construction rules, FAQ’s and rule sets apply with noted exceptions below.  There may be some changes to missions and slight adjustments to the rules closer to the event, so please keep an eye on this document. BETA RULES WILL BE USED!


Event Specific FAQ’s/Errata

  1. ITC Champion’s Missions
  2. List Submission due date: April 14th, 2019
    1. Please use these recommended List Submission Guidelines.
  3. The ITC Code of Conduct will be in effect for this event. You will be expected to have read and understood it prior to coming.
    1. In the Code of Conduct under timing:
      • Either player in a game may request to use a Chess Clock. If the event does not have any more available clocks the player(s) may use one of their own.
        • The players need not agree on using the clock, if either player wishes to use one, it must be used.
        • Once they have begun to use a clock, the rules governing “Timed Game” are in effect and enforceable by the Judge.
  4. No new rules material will be allowed after April 8th, 2019.

Saturday, April 20th

9:00-10:00 – Registration
10:00-1:00 – Game 1 (3 hrs)
1:00-2:00 – Lunch Break (1hr)
2:00-5:00 – Game 2 (3 hrs)
5:00-5:30 – Coffee/Snack break (1/2hr)
5:30-8:30 – Game 3 (3 hrs)

Sunday, April 21th

8:30-11:30 – Game 4(3 hrs)
11:30-12:30 – Lunch Break (1 hr)
12:30-3:30 – Game 5 (3 hrs)
3:30 – Clean Up/Tallying Results
3:50 – Results

Your army will be built to 2000pts using the matched play rules
Counts-as models will be permitted, but proxy models will not be allowed.
ITC Faction: Note on your army list which Faction has the most points in it, this will count as your ITC Faction for scoring purposes.
All current source material is allowed.

Proxy vs Counts-As

A proxy is a stand in for another model, wyches for harlequins, cardboard boxes for rhinos, guardsman with lasrifles painted blue for plasma vets.  These will not be permitted under any circumstances.

Counts as is a model that has been scratch built or altered/borrowed from another game system that is reasonably a match for its replacement. For example, A Gundam Wraithknight.  Converted models to look like the model they’re representing.  Unpainted and incorrectly based models will not be considered as proper counts-as models.  Models should be on the bases as the models they’re trying to represent.

The Battlefield Terrain Rules listed on Pg.248-251 in the main rulebook will be used for ITC events. Only exception is all buildings regardless of how modeled are considered to have all the windows and doors on the 1st floor boarded up (ie you cannot use the 1st floor windows/doors for Line of Sight purposes).

All models are expected to be WYSIWYG to a reasonable standard. Exceptions will be made for themed units or armies.
Using a reasonable substitute to “Counts As” another model, does not violate our policy.
If in doubt, send a picture in of a model to your TO in advance to ask if it is acceptable.
In addition, you will be asked to vote for your top 3 favorite armies during day one. Third party painted looks nice but if it’s themed cool and really seems well thought out feel free to give that army highest marks! This will be used to determine the favourite army.
Please leave your army on display during lunch of day one to make it easier for people to vote for you, don’t forget to leave your name out somewhere nearby!


To be revised soon


Best Overall – A cumulation of all of general, sportsmanship and painting.
Best General – A cumulation of all battle points
Best Sportsman – A cumulation of sports votes
Favourite Army – A cumulation of favourite army votes


Your Army
Tape Measure, Dice, Game Aids, etc.
Objective markers. We will provide some of these, but best to be prepared and have some of your own!
A copy of your army list for each of your opponents and one for the judge. Be sure to note what your faction is on your army list. – PLEASE NO HANDWRITTEN ARMY LISTS
All pertinent rules for your army.