Warhammer 40,000 Rules and Schedule

Greetings Wet Coast attendees!
Your friendly neighbourhood Warhammer 40K TO here with a few notes and updates for you all!

Foremost the event link to purchase tickets. It is all through BCP this year, if you need other arrangements message us and we can help out! April 8-9, 2023 at the Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport

Wet coast GT 40k tickets

Lists will be required to be uploaded in the correct format by midnight of Friday March 3rd. If you purchase a ticket after that date, we will allow you a 48 hour period to upload your list. Failure to do so, or make corrections to improper list formats will result in a yellow card. Should your list not be uploaded the morning of the event that will result in a second yellow, and should it not be uploaded by the end of round 1 you will be red carded and removed from the event. (even at the LVO this didn’t happen, so don’t worry too much, contact us and we will help!)

Now the housekeeping. We will be a 5 round event this year.

Our schedule will look very close to this, however these things are always subject to change.


Check in-Registration 0800-0845

Game one 0900-1200

Lunch 1200-1300

Game two 1300-1600

Game three 1600-1900


Game four 0900-1200

Meal break 1200-1300

Game five 1200-1445

Prizes and draws 1515-1530

You will notice we have gone with 3 hour rounds which is standard for 40k 9th edition. Chess clock rules are in effect if either player wants one, if they do they are expected to provide it, they will need to be set at 1h 25m for each player to allow for a quick pregame discussion about armies, player placed terrain is expected to be played on the clock.

I would like to introduce our Head Judge this year Mr. Mitch Pelham. Mitch’s list of credentials and experience is long and well documented. For those of you that aren’t aware not only is he a founding member of the Best in Faction podcast, a Tournament Organizer and a fantastic player in his own right, he is also a judge at the most prestigious 40K event in the world; the Las Vegas Open. We are super pumped to have him here, so when you see him say hello! (he also likes bourbon, just an fyi!)



The paint rubric is self scored and judge checked, the concept being that you know what you’ve done and created better than we do, so fill it out, we will double check it and adjust if needs be, and we will count that towards the ITC’s Hobby track. The favourite army winner however may not be the best painted, as we value theme, display, adherence to story and canon just as much as clean paintlines so break out your oldhammer and show us your skills. Rule of cool trumps all! As always ALL CONVERSIONS MUST BE APPROVED BEFORE THE EVENT. YOU WILL RISK REMOVAL OF SAID MODELS IF YOU DO NOT DO SO. Whew. That was loud. Basically take pictures, send them to us here wetcoast40kinfo@gmail.com and we will yay or nay.

The sports rubric once again will be linked to a google sheet, the feedback from that was overwhelmingly positive so we will continue in that vein. We are changing it up a bit however and  there are basics we expect each match to entail as well as we are asking you to rate each of your opponents and game enjoyment on a 1-10 scale. Access can be through your own device (there will be wifi available) or one of ours. We ask that you enter this info after completing each game, rather than trying to rank your opponents for 2 days after your last round. The ability to collect this data and score the event properly and quickly rather than hand tallying votes is a big part of why we do things in this manner, however it also provides a level of transparency. “Soft scores” are often taken advantage of by less scrupulous players to “chipmunk” or sabotage players because of personal issues rather than anything in game that occured, so by having this doc open and available you can see how and why you were scored the way you were, and there is a level of accountability there. 

You may be asking why the increase in “bookkeeping” tasks we are asking you for, and the reason quite simply is we want to provide a fair and fun event whilst providing for multiple styles and preferences of hobby. Winning games with a smash mouth list is one way to play, customized and kitbashed everything with amazing paint schemes is another,and chucking dice while having a good laugh with every opponent is yet another. We want our overall champion to represent all of these facets of the game, a real “Whole Hobby Champion” . We have always emphasized fun and fairness, and we want to continue in that tradition. Hard core tournament players will still score their points, best sportsman will still make all the friends, and painters gonna paint, however our champion will have a little bit of everything. Maybe not the best in everything, but he or she will represent every facet of the hobby.

So we are a 2000 point ITC event, we will be using their standard suggested ruleset with minor modifications to accommodate our more eclectic collection of terrain, and will have all this posted and available here in the coming weeks. Presently the ITC mission set is undergoing some overhauls; we will be using those updated missions as by the time our event hits they will be well finalized. 

Thanks everyone, we look forward to seeing you here on April 11th!

-JT McDowell on behalf of the Wetcoast 40k team

Event Specific FAQ’s/Errata

  1. Arks of Omen: Grand Tournament rules will be used, as well as all GW FAQ, the Balance Dataslate and the current points updates.
  2. The ITC Code of Conduct will be in effect for this event. You will be expected to have read and understood it prior to coming.
    1. In the Code of Conduct under timing:
      • Either player in a game may request to use a Chess Clock. If the event does not have any more available clocks the player(s) may use one of their own.
        • The players need not agree on using the clock, if either player wishes to use one, it must be used.
        • Once they have begun to use a clock, the rules governing “Timed Game” are in effect and enforceable by the Judge.
  3. No new rules material will be allowed after April 3rd, 2020.
  4. We will be using the ITC modifications to first level ruins completely blocking Line of sight as well as a modified version of the “if it fits it sits rule” As our terrain is eclectic and non standardized, for the purpose of if it fits it sits, any model with more than 8 wounds on its profile may not be placed on the second floor or higher of a ruin unless its entire base/hull fits upon said ruin with no overhang.

Your army will be built to 2000pts using the matched play rules
Counts-as models will be permitted, but proxy models will not be allowed.
ITC Faction: Note on your army list which Faction has the most points in it, this will count as your ITC Faction for scoring purposes.
All current source material is allowed.

Proxy vs Counts-As

A proxy is a stand in for another model, wyches for harlequins, cardboard boxes for rhinos, guardsman with lasrifles painted blue for plasma vets.  These will not be permitted under any circumstances.

Counts as is a model that has been scratch built or altered/borrowed from another game system that is reasonably a match for its replacement. For example, A Gundam Wraithknight.  Converted models to look like the model they’re representing.  Unpainted and incorrectly based models will not be considered as proper counts-as models.  Models should be on the bases as the models they’re trying to represent.

All models are expected to be WYSIWYG to a reasonable standard. Exceptions will be made for themed units or armies.
Using a reasonable substitute to “Counts As” another model, does not violate our policy.
If in doubt, send a picture in of a model to your TO in advance to ask if it is acceptable at wetcoast40kinfo@gmail.com .
In addition, you will be asked to vote for your top 3 favorite armies during day one. Third party painted looks nice but if it’s themed cool and really seems well thought out feel free to give that army highest marks! This will be used to determine the Coolest army.
Please leave your army on display during lunch of day one to make it easier for people to vote for you, don’t forget to leave your name out somewhere nearby!


Best Overall – A total of all of general, sportsmanship and ITC hobby track score (rubric)
Best General – Highest standing in BCP
Best Sportsman – Highest scoring in the sports rubric, ties go to higher battlepoints
Coolest Army – As voted on by players


Your Army
Tape Measure, Dice, Game Aids,Objective markers,
Copies of your army list for each of your opponents. Be sure to note what your faction is on your army list. – PLEASE NO HANDWRITTEN ARMY LISTS
All pertinent rules for your army.