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Remember list submission deadline is April 14th, one week prior to event. Any late lists will receive a yellow card.  Links to upload the lists will be coming out by April 9th. If you haven’t received one by then email Dan at and he’ll get you sorted.

ITC code of conduct ( and list submission format will be in use (, as well as rules on chess clocks(

Any FAQs will be in effect up to and including the Friday prior to the event. However Errata, i.e. rule changes, and points adjustments will be cut off at April 14th, list submission.

Some common questions and how we are ruling them:

  • Obliterators use the datasheet from Shadowspear, and their updated point cost (115 points)
  • GSC may not deepstrike on turn 1.
  • A Bad Moon Shokk attack Gun in a dread waaagh detachment may fire twice using the vigilus stratagem OR the bad moon stratagem to fire twice. They may not use both to fire more than twice.
  • If you are bringing custom converted army/units you must CLEARLY MARK on your army roster which units are stand ins for each unit. A written description is acceptable, a visual (pictoral) description is better.