Wet Coast GT!

JULY 16-17, 2016

This is the home page for the Vancouver WCP GT, now forever known as the Wet Coast GT! The first tournament was ran back in 2002. This has been an annual event where players get together and throw dice and have a good time, usually over a beer.

This year we're excited to announce that we're moving to the beautiful Grand Villa Casino Hotel and Convention Center in Burnaby! Click on the hotel info link above!  We're in a fabulous large new space that I'm sure all our participants will love.

Malifaux on Cruisehammer!

So I'm pleased to announce that if we get 25+ for Malifaux at Wet Coast we are going to give away a Cruisehammer ticket at random. There are at least 6 people bringing Malifaux already and I am in negotiations to get Crissy Dubois of A Wyrd Place fame to run the Malifaux event on the boat.
We're part way there and I know more of you are coming! Lets get going, share with your friends, come play Malifaux with us!

Warmachine/Hordes will be running Mk3!

We will be running Mk3.  While currently unclear what this means with regards to lists and points, we have decided that running an event for an old system would not be in our best interests.  This may end up being the first major tournament of Mk3 anywhere!

Coming to play Malifaux?

Breaching Deck!

If you get the full weekend pass you'll get a custom fate deck!

X-Wing and Armada Regionals!

It's OFFICIAL! We are once again a Regional for Western Canada for X-Wing! And this year we've added Armada!


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