Age of Sigmar Rules

Dates: April 20-21 2019

Wet Coast Age of Sigmar is an ITC GT event

Tournament Organizer: Andy Sellwood


  • This will be a 2000 pt army list tournament
  • Create your army list using the matched play points system in the GHB 2018, forge world, or
    battletomes released after GHB 2018.
  • Use the most up to date war scrolls.
  • Warscroll Battalions (plus enclaves etc…), Command Traits, Endless Spells & Artefacts, as
    well as any Battletome specific spells, prayers, etc. must be included on your list.
  • Identify your faction on your army list and indicate clearly if you have allies in your list
  • Identify on your list who the general is
  • Realm artifacts and Endless spells can be used and must be included on your list. However, realm
    spells and rules are not to be used.
  • Lists must be submitted to by Saturday April 13th 2019
  • You must keep the same list for all of the games. Have a copy of your list to show your opponents.
  • Proper base sizes should be used but models do not need to be painted. No square bases.
  • Proxies and non-GW models: check with the tournament organizer ahead of time. As long as it is
    reasonable and on a proper sized base for the model it represents it will probably be OK.


9:00-10:00 – Registration
10:00-12:30 – Game 1 (2.5 hrs)
12:30-1:30 – Lunch Break (1hr)
1:30-4:00 – Game 2 (2.5 hrs)
4:00-4:30 – Coffee/Snack break (1/2hr)
4:30-7:00 – Game 3 (2.5 hrs)
10:00-12:30 – Game 4 (2.5 hrs)
12:30-1:30 – Lunch Break (1 hr)
1:30-4:00 – Game 5 (2.5 hrs)
4:00-4:30 – Clean Up/Tallying Results
4:30 – Results

Over the course of the weekend, you will get to play five games of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar,
with armies chosen using the rules and restrictions laid out above. After each game there will be
either lunch or a brief break while we get the results in order to decide your next opponent.
After the first game, where opponents will be randomly allocated, we will assign you opponents
with a similar score according to the ‘Swiss’ system.
The way this works is players with the same number of Major and Minor Victories will play
against each other. So if you are winning all your games, you will play against opponents of a
roughly similar skill level to you, ideally helping to ensure an enjoyable event for all concerned.

  • The scenario for each game will be announced prior to the start of the game
  • Measure distances from base to base.
  • All rules disputes should be resolved in one of two ways. Look in the appropriate rulebook &
    FAQ, or consult the tournament organizer.

Secondary Objectives:
In addition to the victory points (VPs) you score in the scenario, each game will have a
secondary objective which can earn you up to three additional victory points. The secondary
objective for each game will be determined randomly by the tournament organizer just befor each game starts. It could be any of the following (once a secondary objective has been used in a game it won’t be used again)

  1. Control the land: At the end of the fifth battle round you score 1 VP for each piece of
    terrain you control, to a maximum of 3 VPs. To determine who controls a terrain feature
    count up the number of models that are within 6” of the edge of the feature. Whoever
    has the most models in range controls the feature.
  2. Slay the heroes: At the end of the game count up the number of wounds inflicted on
    enemy heroes. For every 5 wounds inflicted score 1 VP, to a maximum of 3 VPs.
  3. Slay the general: Score 1 VP if at the end of the game the enemy general has been
    reduced to 50% or less of its starting wounds. Alternatively, score 3 VPs as soon as you
    kill the enemy general
  4. Crippling blow: At the start of the game have your opponent identify which of their units
    has the highest combined wounds characteristic (if they have two or more that are equal
    have them pick one). Score 1 VP if at the end of the game the unit picked has 50% or
    less of its starting wounds remaining. Alternatively, if you completely wipe out that unit
    you score 3 VPs.
  5. Protect the weak: At the start of the game identify which of your units has the lowest
    combined wounds characteristic (if you have two or more that are equal pick one). Score
    1 VP if at the end of the game the unit is still on the board and has 50% or less of its
    starting wounds. If the unit has more than 50% of its starting wounds at the end of the
    game score 3 VPs.

Each game will last two and half hours. As we need to get your results after each, we will need
you to finish each game quite quickly and hand in your results after the timer runs out.
You will receive a 15 minute warning before the end of the time allotted for the game. Make sure
you finish the current round or don’t start a new round if you are already in the second players
turn (i.e. both players should get the same number of turns).
The size of the game has been set up so that both players should be able to set up and play
your game comfortably in the time allotted. We’d recommend having some practice games
against your mates to get used to it!

After each game you will have 5 minutes to record your result and hand it in to the Tournament
In terms of scoring, there are three categories (Battle Points, Game Experience Points, and
Painting/Hobby Score) as described below.

Battle Points:
As per the scenario you played determine the result of the game (add the scenario VPs to the
secondary objectives VPs to get a total number of VPs). The maximum score here is 50.
Major win = 10 points
Minor win = 8 pts
Draw = 6 pts
Minor loss = 4 pts
Major loss = 2 pts
You will also need to record the number of victory points scored in each game. This will be used
as a soft score to help resolve tied results.

Game Experience Points:
After each game you will rate your game experience using the following system. Your game
experience score is based on the ratings given by your five opponents. Your maximum score for
this is 25.
5 pts = It was one of the best games I’ve ever had and my opponent was awesome.
4 pts = A great game and my opponent was awesome
3 pts = An average game and my opponent was good to play against
2 pts = A not very good playing experience
1 pt = One of the worst games you have ever experienced

Painting/Hobby Score:
Before you start your first game you will score your opponent’s army based on a painting/hobby
scoring system (a combination of how much the army is painted, quality of painting, basing,
conversions, and extra details/features on models). The maximum score for this is 25.

Best Army Votes:
During lunch on the first day we’ll ask you to look around and vote for your favourite 3 armies in
order. Your first place vote will get 5 points, your 2nd place 3 points and your 3rd place 1 point.
Favourite Game Votes:
After your last game we will ask you to rank the top 3 players you played over the
weekend. Your first place vote will get 5 points, your 2nd place 3 points and your 3rd place 1

No player can win more than one award, in the event a player is eligible for more than one
award the order presented here will determine which award they win. In which case the other
award will be given to the 2nd place player.

Best General – An accumulation of all Battle Points (maximum 50).

Best Overall – An accumulation of all Battle Points, Game Experience Points, and
Painting/Hobby Score (maximum 100).

Best Sportsman – An accumulation of Favourite Game Votes plus Game Experience Points

Favorite Army – An accumulation of Best Army Votes plus Painting/Hobby Score

Your Army
Tape Measure, Dice, Game Aids, etc.
Objective markers
One typed copy of your army list. Be sure to note what your faction is on your army list.
All pertinent rules for your army.