Star Wars: Destiny Rules and Schedule

Welcome to Vancouver’s 2017/2018 Star Wars: Destiny Regional Tournament! Format will be Swiss rounds at 35 minutes each, proceeding to a cut to top 8, best of 3 elimination at 90 minutes each, while the final match will be best of 3, at 120 minutes.

Vancouver’s Destiny Regional will be following the product rotation of the Holocron Standard (which goes live Feb. 1st). This is made taking in account of product availability, as well as FFG’s announcements in terms of official release dates. What this means: Everything up to and including LEGACIES is legal EXCEPT for RIVALS, as it does not have an official release date at the time of this write, nor is it listed under Standard play. This provides everyone locally fair play and access to the current products that are offered by LGS’s here in BC.

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As this is a Formal level event, players are expected to possess at least a minimal amount of experience. Players should be familiar with the game rules, and be prepared to exercise that knowledge to play at a reasonable pace. Players are also expected to avoid confusion about their actions and refrain from other sloppy play mistakes. Any and all issues should be directed towards the TO, or appointed Marshal. For any questions leading up to the weekend, please contact us as soon as possible.
Players should be familiar and comfortable with the information in the following links:
Here is the schedule below, based on the maximum occupancy for the event. If there are fewer attendees than 77, the 8th round will be removed, and so on till the appropriate amount of rounds to attendees is set.
  • 9AM-9:50AM Check-In – 30 min
  • 10:00AM-10:35AM Round 1 – 35
  • 10:45AM-11:20AM Round 2 – 35
  • 11:30AM-12PM Round 3 – 35
  • 12:00PM-1PM Lunch – 60 min
  • 1:05PM-1:40PM Round 4 – 35
  • 1:50PM-2:25PM Round 5 – 35
  • 2:35PM-3:10PM Round 6 – 35
  • 3:20PM-3:55PM Round 7 – 35
  • 4:05PM-4:40PM Round 8 – 35
  • 4:45PM Awards For Top 64 and Top 16 prizing.
  • 9:30AM-10AM Check-in
  • 10:00AM-11:30AM TOP 8 – 90 min
  • 11:30AM-12:30PM Lunch – 5 min
  • 12:30PM-2:00PM Semi-Finals (4) – 90 min
  • 2:15PM-4:15PM Final – 120 min
  • As soon as the final concludes, awards For Top 8, Top 4, and winner will be announced and distributed.
DAY TWO TOURNAMENT INFO: For those who don’t qualify for the top cut, will be eligible to participate in a Day 2 tournament, with exclusive prizes!
Here’s the tournament format, stylized similarly to hangar bay tournaments:
– Each player constructs two decks to bring to the tournament.
– Each round, you will secretly select which deck you will use against your opponent, by selecting one of the character cards that correspond to that deck, face down. You and your opponent then reveal face up your selection, and proceed to play with the chosen deck.
– 40 minute Swiss rounds (determined by participant count)
– Winner chosen by standing.